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Five Video Course $34.99

1. Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow Pulling Pose combines the benefits of balancing and backbends in one. It’s my favorite asana and a great one to do outdoors to open up to all the world has to offer. This is a huge heart chakra opener.

When your heart is open to all that life has to offer, anything that you want to manifest in you life comes.

Tree Manifestation

2. Tree Manifestation

Imagine tree roots growing through your feet into the earth, grounding and centering you. Think about what it is you’d like to bring into your life: what you’d like to manifest. Plant that seed into the earth.

3. Open Heart Asanas

These heart-opening poses (Fixed Firm to Camel) open your heart chakra so that you can receive all that life has to offer, and really open up to love.  You can go into the full expression of each pose if you want more.

Gratitude Meditation

4. Gratitude Meditation

This gratitude meditation is a grounding way to end your day. We will go over all the things you’re grateful for from the day just gone, allowing you to really consider what is most important to you.

Gratitude Meditation

5. Heart Openers (Standing and Seated Sequences)

When your heart is open to all that life has to offer, anything that you want to manifest in your life comes. The most important thing with this sequence of heart openers and deep backbends is to stay with your vulnerability and breath – deep inhales and exhales. Work in breath to movement to keep providing your spine with oxygen.


5 Video Course $34.99
Hip Openers

1. Surrender to Serenity

These yoga sequences and meditations are stress relievers that will nourish your body and help calm and center your mind.

It’s so important to take time out for ourselves to help relieve stress and build calm.

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Half Pigeon

2. Hip Openers

When our hips get tight from sitting a lot, it creates a build up of tension in the spine. We have 20 muscles across our hips and it’s really important to stretch them out to provide relief and relaxation.

Surrender to Serenity

3. Half Pigeon & Malasana

Half Pigeon and Malasana poses will help you relieve stress in the hips. Often, our poses hip flexor gets really tight and that can constrict your breathing. Half Pigeon lets you stretch the hip muscle out with the support of the block.  Malasana pose opens up both sides of the hips. It’s a great pose to do at any time of the day because we sit down so much.

Buddy Stretches

4. Surrender Meditation

Often we think of surrender as a sign of weakness, but it’s actually a sign of strength. Throughout this meditation, we’ll be walking through how to let go and surrender to the flow of life. It’ll also help you ground down and be present in your body.

Guided Meditation in Savasana

5. Guided Meditation in Savasana

Savasana or corpse pose is the most important asana. It’s the one in which you receive the benefits of all the other poses. This guided ocean meditation will help you relax and restore.

Four Video Course $29.99
Build Your Fire

These sequences focus on building fire and determination through generating internal heat, strengthening your core, and sculpting and toning your body.

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1. Build Fire and Determination

This is a great flow sequence to sculpt and tone your body and build internal heat. It leads into a series of core strengthening poses. It’s so important to strengthen your core as it’s the foundation for all poses.

Build Fire and Determination

2. Awkward Series

This is our modified awkward series. We will go through three variations of Utkatasana, awkward pose. It’s a great series for building strength in your feet, heels and back.

Twist & Release

3. Twist & Release

This is a Twist & Release sequence to open up your spine. It’s detoxing and energizing. It’s also a great heart and lung strengthener as we go down and come up. Do Surya Namaskar A first to warm up your spine and build heat then move into this series.

Strengthen & Lengthen

4. Strengthen & Lengthen

In this video, we stretch out the three large hamstring muscles that run down the backs of your thighs. We work with sculpting and toning postures as well as lengthening postures to really stretch them out.

Five Video Course $34.99
Presence Meditation

1. Presence Meditation

This is a presence meditation, which is great to do to come back into your body. We move through each of the senses to root down and enter the present moment.


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Spine Strengthening Series

2. Spine Strengthening Series

It’s so important to create strength and flexibility in your spine to support the rest of your body and prevent injury. We’re going to go through the series then end with a spinal twist to seal off your practice.

Headstand - King of Asanas

3. Headstand – King of Asanas

This is Headstand, the King of all postures. This pose stimulates your digestive tract, it gives you a mini-facial by rushing fresh blood and oxygen to your face. This video will help you move through the fear of going upside down because it can be scary at first! It’s great to do against a wall for the first time to have that extra stability.

Nourish Your Body

4. Nourish Your Body

In this video, we do a couple of great restorative poses, including supported bridge pose to open up the hips followed by a supported shoulder stand and full expression of shoulder stand. We’ll end by sealing off the practice with spinal twist. It’s important to have a block for these asanas to support your back.

Sapphire Meditation

5. Sapphire Meditation for the Throat Chakra

This is a great meditation to cleanse your throat chakra. If you have a fear of public speaking or are experiencing any challenges with communication, Sapphire Meditation will help you to speak from your whole heart. We’ll start with some neck stretches to loosen up that area and go into standing separate leg forehead to knee pose which is a compression pose regulating your hormones and mood, which cleanses any energetic blockages that don’t serve you.

This four part sequence is at the heart of Moving Meditation. You can follow each video in sequence or do them as one-off practices.

I love this sequence. It’s what I’ve found most healing for my body. It balances the masculine and feminine, and the sun and the moon energy channels. It combines static balancing postures with spine and core strengthening exercises then moves into restorative stretching. It’s a great sequence that ties in the many aspects of yoga.

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Four Video Course $39.99
Moving Meditation Sequence - Spine Time

1. Moving Meditation Sequence 1/4: Spine Time

Throughout this sequence, we’ll be moving our spine in all seven directions. It’s a great sequence to do in the morning to warm up your spine and set up your day to have more clarity and balance. The static balancing postures are held long enough so that you receive all the benefits.

Moving Meditation Sequence 2/4 - Dristhi

2. Moving Meditation Sequence 2/4: Dristhi

For the next part of our series, we are going to focus on our dristhi, which is one single point to focus on. Forget everything else except that one single point. It will help you to meditate, balance and be in the present moment.

Moving Meditation Sequence 3 - Happy Spine, Happy Life

3. Moving Meditation Sequence 3/4: Happy Spine, Happy Life

We spend a lot of our days hunched over on our computers and phones. For this next series, we’re creating more strength and flexibility in our spines to correct poor posture. Happy spine, happy life!

Moving Meditation Sequence 4 - Flow & Restore

4. Moving Meditation Sequence 4/4: Flow & Restore

The last part of the series is Flow & Restore where you can calm down your nervous system, and receive all the benefits of your hard work.

Four Video Course + Podcast $34.99
Moving Meditation - Surya Namaskar A

1. Surya Namaskar A

This sequence is designed to interlink your breath to movement, warm up the spine and build heat in your belly. Do it first thing in the morning or at any time of the day to refresh and revive.

These videos and podcast will awaken and energize you, getting you ready for the day or reinvigorating you whenever you need it!

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Surya Namaskar B

2. Surya Namaskar B

This alternative round of Sun Salutations is designed to build heat, find balance and create more flexibility in the spine. Do it first thing in the morning, or at any time of the day.

Surya Namaskar A - Shoulder Friendly

3. Surya Namaskar A – Shoulder Friendly

This is the modified Surya A sequence. It’s shoulder friendly. If you have a tight neck or shoulders, it’s a great sequence to do.

Toestand to Tadasana

4. Toestand to Tadasana

Toe stand is great to do first thing in the morning because it opens up your energy channels. We spend a lot of our day in shoes and chairs and don’t tend to move our feet enough, so this is a great way to let everything de-compress. Tadasana pose is the blueprint for all the other asanas. When you find this alignment and centering, you will find that all the other poses flow naturally.


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5. Wake up in Pranayama (Podcast)

Through this podcast, experience the perfect balancing breath sequence to ground you for the day and clear your mind. Even just by practicing it for a few minutes, Pranayama helps release tension and fatigue to keep the mind calmer and happier. Our first breath sequence is Ujjayi breath, which is at the foundation of all asana practice. The synchronizing of breath and movement is what makes yoga, so this is a great video to practice your root breathing technique. We also explore Nadi Shodhan, or alternate nostril breathing technique. Nadi Shodhan is a great way to clean out your lines of energy, and balance out the right and left sides of the brain.

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